Thursday, 1 August 2013

Types OF Tenders?

There Are Various Types of Tenders, Some of Them are listed Below;

# Open TenderIn Open Tender anyone can Participate. The Participant has to ensure that they fulfill the Minimum Pre-Qualification criteria specified in the tender document to Qualify. If they do not meet the Pre Qualification criteria, their bid will be Rejected & they will loose the document fees they have paid. It is Necessary that Open Tender is Advertised in NewsPaper. The Lowest Bidder or L1 Generally wins the Contract.

# Closed Tender -
In Limited Tenders, Only Pre Qualified or EmPanelled Bidders are allowed to Participate. As Limited Tenders are not Advertised in Newspapers, other Bidder Generally do not come to know that such Tender is Floated. The Lowest Bidder Generally wins the contract.

# RFI or Request for Information - Similar to RFP
# EOI - Expression of Interest - Similar to RFPRFQ or Request for Quote - In RFQ, a company has to submit their best offer & on the basis of this Decision the contract is awarded. 
RFP or Request for Proposal - In RFP a company is supposed to submit only the Technical Proposal.

NCB or National Competitive Bidding - In Such Tender only Local or Indian Companies can Participate. Companies Registered in other Countries cannot participate.
ICB or International Competitive Bidding - In such tender companies from outside India can also participate in Indian Tenders.

# Singe Envelope Bidding - In such Tender both Technical Bid & Price bid is submitted in a same envelope. Both Technical & Price Bid is opened simultaneously & bid is awarded on the spot.

# Multiple Envelope Bidding - In such Tender, EMD is submitted in 1st Envelope, Technical Bid is Submitted in 2nd Envelope & Price Bid is submitted in 3rd envelope. If required pre qualification bid can be submitted in separate envelope.First EMD envelope & pre Qualification envelope is opened. Than Technical envelope of only those bidders who pre qualify is opened.
In last those who are found technically qualified, their price bid is opened.

# Pre Bid Meeting - In some tenders which are of high value pre bid meeting is allowed. In pre bid meeting, Buyer & Bidders get together & buyer tries to resolve the queries of one or many bidders. The pre bid meeting is scheduled on a specific day, where all bidder can remain present or can post their queries on or before the Pre bid meeting date.

All Queries of those Who are Present or who have Mailed are read out and Clarification is Provided.

# Corrigendum -
If any change/correction is to be made in Tender Notice or Tender Document, the same can be made by issuance of corrigendum. Please note that Corrigendum can only be issued before the due date & time of tender Submission Expires. 
Against a Tender, any number of corrigendum can be issued.

# Addendum - If any new content is to be Incorporated in Tender Document, the same is done by Means of Issuance of Addendum.
However in Many Tenders, it is also done by issuing a Corrigendum Notice.

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