Monday, 21 January 2013

Generating A Attractive Tender Reaction

The way you draft your tender response decides whether you win it or not. A well-prepared tender reply will maximise your chances of success. Read on to learn how to produce a winning response that has what it takes to pass the assessment process.
While publishing tenders, public authorities in the India have to meet contract regulations, making sure that all bidders are given equal opportunity to compete for the contract. Even the banned bidders are mandatorily debriefed about the evaluation, including the reasons why the tenderer was unsuccessful and the relative compensation of the successful tenderer. Following the debriefs, an additional Standstill Period is also required before the announcement of the formal award.

Public sector contracts in the India are required to be compliant with Asian Union regulations which set out the procedures to be followed at all stage of the procurement process. The law requires the authentication of the suitability of tenderers to be made with transparency. To ensure this, selection criteria is clearly mentioned in the tender bid.
 For a Successful Tenders Bid, the bidder must demonstrate an understanding of the roles, responsibilities, liabilities and expectations in the supply process. They must put up a framework to provide and maintain quality services for the quoted price. Possible concerns about future maintenance and staffing implications must be taken into account. They must set reasonable targets and performance measures while planning for risk management. They should give details of the team, emphasising strength and highlighting success with similar projects. You also need to show that you have secured access to any necessary equipment required for the contract. You must be aware of the quality guarantee standards which affect your industry and conform with these.

Your bid must clearly mention how you carry in value for money in procurement. It must be the optimum combination of whole life cost and quality to meet the project's requirements. You need to make it clear how you are going to provide quality, reliability, good design, safety, timely delivery and maintenance while keeping it within budget.

Use your company's accreditations, such as ISO 9001, as an indication of your commitment to quality. If your firm is not officially accredited, provide evidence that you have other types of excellence and training systems in place. You can use any letters of appreciation you may have before received for the similar projects.

If you need an explanation concerning the points mentioned in the tender advertisement, you can request further information from the authority. Do keep in mind that the appearance of information is as important as the content. include a covering letter with your response toward the procurement bid, summarising your message and clarification the organisation of the documents. Before you submit, check you have signed each page as required.
Place your tender response in a package which does not name your company. Make sure that your franking machine does not print the name of your enterprise and that the courier does not attach a label displaying any such information. You are also advised to never withdraw from any period of the tendering process without offering a complete written justification.

Draft your online tenders response, trying to optimise it for a winning bid. How you supply and prepare your tender response is a crucial factor behind your success.

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