Saturday, 8 December 2012

Tenders Tip

A Good tender author is very important for every company. Tender writing is a complex task and anyone who has large writing skills cannot do it. It requires a professional, an expert on tender writing to write that winning bid which makes your company stand out amongst the competing firms even when they have more experience than your company.
When you compete for a contract, every company that bids wants to have an edge and that edge commonly is a well written bid letter. therefore, a good tender writer is a huge quality to at all company.

The first step to bidding for any contract these days is the PQQ. PQQ stands for Pre-Qualification Questionnaire. This helps the clients to identify the contractors right for a contract.

PQQ is a way to shortlist contractors on basis of the questions asked in it. It inspects an array of elements in the contractor's profile like finances, safety, credibility, History, insurance, authorization, experience, facility etc.

It tells whether the contractor can excuse the contract or not. Hence it works like a filter.

There's another term called ITT. ITT stands for Invitation to Tender. It is a document that invites probable suppliers to tender for a contract.

Having written the PQQ, everything comes down to writing a good Tender. Tender writing is not everybody's job. Almost every contract is diverse and needs to be addressed differently while writing a tender. There's no fixed layout for a tender. Companies that use a fixed layout may get a few contracts initially but they fail finally. That's why a tender writer is so important. He understands the contract's requirement and shapes the tender accordingly. Hence, it provides a better chance to succeed with the contract.

A tender should meet all the requirements of the contract and should be researched well before drafting to the procurement team.

Also, the tender should tell about the company in a precise yet professional way. If you feel that having a tender writing is not a good option, you can opt for the tender writing services over the internet or hire a tender writer temporarily. The tender services know the market and are skilled enough to write a contract winning tenders. They have years of experience and knowledge in an selection of position and know what is to be written in the tender.

A lot of Companies are choosing for tender services and are arranged to pay that heavy amount for a contract winning tender.

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