Monday, 31 December 2012

Rising Real Estate Business and Auction Tenders

Real estate industry has experienced immense growth during the last couple of decades. Rapid urbanization coupled with population explosion and industrialization has bring up extraneous pressure on land resources in the country. Land auction tenders are often floated in order to attend to the requirements of the community and economy at large. Such tenders are often floated by government or the local authorities for development projects or for any other purposes. Similar tenders are also floated by other agencies under government as well as by corporate houses from time to time. Bidders should however understand the legal requirements of the state where such tenders are proposed so that there are no complicated in future.
During the last couple of decades real estate tenders industry have grown considerably. Population explosion on one hand, elimination of joint family systems giving birth to multiple new families, and rapid urbanization on the other hand has resulted in growing demands for land. Unlike other properties land is something that is static. Prices of land are rising incessantly and this has given increase to number of land sale tenders in the market.

For businessmen, land deal tenders offer attractive good opportunities for entrepreneurs irrespective of their respective sizes and capabilities. People who can deal successfully with the tenders will always have important scope for creation profits and promoting their business.
Land Sale Tenders Opportunities Following are the major sources of tenders that are floated for sale of land. In India, land is a subject matter of state list. Hence it is the respective state governments that hold the rights over land in the state. Government often floats land sale tenders for residential, industrial, and commercial purposes. Of course the rates, regulations, and procedures will vary in each case of land sale tenders. On the other hand industrial houses and builders are the largest buyers of land on sale. Industries require land for setting up their industries, factories and such other units whereas builders require land for running their real estate business.
Requirements for Bidders who aspiration to bid for lands have to take care of certain features. First of all they have to understand the legalities concerned in the process. Other legal requirements involved are the state laws relating to buying and selling of land. normally all transaction is to be carried out with a registered device as required under the Transfer or Properties Act 1882 and Indian Registration Act 1917. Land sale tender may also have other legal requirements depending on the local legislations.
Bidding for Government and Private Lands Bidders in respect of government lands have to pay premium as decided by government. On the other hand for other types of lands it is usually the market value that is to be paid. Other legal requirements for audience the land Auction Tenders would be licensing and the permission of the planning and development establishment under whose authority the area comes.

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